A new campus life for an old monastery

Architecture, Landscape, Masterplanning, Parking, Public Space, Renovation, University Campus, Breda

Thanks to the acquisition of a monastery complex next to its current building complex, the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands, has the opportunity to grow into a true campus complex. The design team of INBO-CULD is developing a campus based on a core idea of sustainability, place-making and connectivity. The entire program will be reshuffled in order to ensure better shared facilities, connect public programs to the public space and to create a true green atmosphere around a central heart of the campus. The heart will be the new iconic centerpiece of the campus, with a strong entrance an ceremonial function, while the rest of the campus complex will breathe a lush and energetic mood of reflection, sports and interaction.


  • Smooth connections
  • Revitalization and reprogramming of a monastery
  • Green atmosphere around a central heart of the campus
  • Lush and energetic mood of reflection, sports and interaction
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly environment
  • Programmatic optimization of university program


  • Size: 5 ha (50.000m2)
  • Program: 30.000 m2 GFA (monastery refurbishment approx. 10.000m2 GFA)
  • Parking: 400 spaces
  • Process: Competition, 1st prize, 2015; Master plan, landscape, architecture commission
  • Status: Ongoing, start construction 2017
  • Design: CULD-INBO
  • Consultants: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Deerns, DGMR, Brink Groep
  • Client: NHTV Breda
  • Site: 13 hectares (130.000m2)


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