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Power to the people, Amstelveen has chosen!


tree bridge night

Team CULD / Paul de Ruiter / Tielemans wins competition for pedestrian cycling bridge with proposal “Bridge of Trees”

Power to the people, Amstelveen has chosen! The residents of Amstelveen, a suburban town just outside of Amsterdam, were presented with designs by four teams for the construction of a new 200-metre bicycle bridge spanning the A9. A landscaped crossing with structural columns sculpted like giant flowerpots was the clear favorite. In a competition to be decided by popular vote, the design received 77% of the nearly 12,000 votes.

A green connection
The new bridge was commissioned to span the new highway junction and provide pedestrian and bicycle access from the southern parts of the city to Amstelveen’s centre. The winning design presents the bridge as a green passageway to the city centre, anchoring and connecting it to the city’s reputation as one of Europe’s greenest cities. Amstelveen’s alderman Herbert Raat stated: “Amstelveen’s choice was clear and unequivocal. We were simply blown away by the level of participation in this ballot; it’s a clear indication of people’s desire to have a say in their city’s development. The winning design feels like a natural extension of the city’s green character.”

An iconic addition to the A9
The bridge will form a new striking landmark seen from the A9. The bridge’s columns are shaped like giant flowerpots that protrude above deck bearing large indigenous trees, and around which the deck winds its way like a green ribbon. This “bridge of trees” represents a unique addition to the rural road network. With its meandering paths and lush sections of green, the bridge resembles a leafy park. As night falls, subtle lighting will pick out the trees and greenery, presenting Amstelveen’s new icon as a safe and peaceful oasis in the surrounding dark, a garden of calm above the high-speed road network below.

The winning proposal is a collaborative design by CULD (Complex Urban Landscape Design), Paul de Ruiter Architects, and structural engineering firm Tielemans Bouwconstructies.

Design team: Paul de Ruiter, Huub Juurlink, Jaakko van ‘t Spijker, Jos Welberts, Martijn van Gameren, Jesse Wijnen, Mike van Haaster, Gianna Bottema.


tree bridge aerial

tree bridge day

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Woudestein Development


campusUntitledThe end of 2016 marked the completion of the second phase and beginning of the new phase of development of the Erasmus University Woudestein Campus. The 1st phase—from 2010-2013—focused on the creation of a campus heart. The second phase was redesigning the campus as a stimulating environment for students and staff. The third phase is the finishing touch of the campus redevelopment. In this third phase, renovation and sustainability in the workplaces and classrooms are planned. There will be more room for greenery created, in addition to a new sport building and new student housing.

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Campus Zuidplein Rotterdam


zuidplerin rotterdam
A new spatial and social environment for the students at the Motorstraat area in the South of Rotterdam. Together with schools, sports organizations, entrepreneurs and municipality we will develop ideas for a new campus. The process, with many stakeholders, will be about program and public space as well as investigating the social component.

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Completion Stationsweg in Oostvoorne


In collaboration with the shop owners and inhabitants of the Sationsweg in Oostvoorne and with the support of the municipality, a design has been made for a stately plane trees lane, which puts the heart of the village again on the map and gives the green atmosphere of Oostvoorne a new impulse. The designed profile has a relaxed setup with bricks from facade to facade and a tough “band” which optically reduces the street.

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HTCE P9 en Shimano Under Construction



The development of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven continues on. In the southwest corner, two new buildings have been raised: the new headquarter of Shimano, designed by RAU, and a new parking garage with an integrated soundproofing slope. Designed by CULD, JHK Architecten and Royal Haskoning DHV.

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De Groote Heide



CULD developed a strategic plan for the municipality of Valkenswaard to transform their surroundings into a large Landscape Park. The strategy contains different layers of nature, recreational routing with a place to be and locations for large-scale ecological leisure interventions.

A new adventure awaits between Eindhoven, Weert and Lommel.

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Meer woonruimte voor gezinnen in Rotterdam

Visual The Hudsons1 lowres (1)

ERA Contour en BPD maken nieuw plan ‘The Hudsons’ voor Bospolder

Rotterdam verwelkomt met de ontwikkeling van een nieuw woningproject straks meer gezinnen in de levendige stadswijk Bospolder. De Gemeente Rotterdam kiest voor de ontwikkelcombinatie van TBI-onderneming ERA Contour en BPD Ontwikkeling die, samen met Jeroen Schipper Architecten, CULD en A2Studio, een plan ontwikkelde om het gebied aantrekkelijker te maken voor gezinnen. Onder de naam ‘The Hudsons’ realiseren zij de komende jaren 142 gezinswoningen op de braakliggende kavels aan de voet van het Dakpark. Daarmee wordt het laatste puzzelstuk gelegd voor de voltooiing van de herstructurering in Bospolder.

Vanwege het ontbreken van een passend woningaanbod hebben steeds meer gezinnen de grote stad verruild voor een woning in een kleinere gemeente in de omgeving. ‘The Hudsons’ voorziet in de behoefte om als gezin weer een aantrekkelijke woonplek te krijgen in de stad. Door koopwoningen toe te voegen aan het bestaande woningaanbod, die op dit moment voor zo’n 90% bestaat uit appartementen in de huursector, krijgt de wijk Bospolder meer variëteit. ‘The Hudsons’ biedt ruimte aan 118 eengezinswoningen en 24 appartementen die een perfecte, duurzame basis bieden aan gezinnen om in te wonen, te leven en te spelen.

‘The Hudsons’ bevindt zich te midden van het rauwe Vierhavengebied, historisch Delfshaven en het multiculturele Bospolder. Het werkt als een verbindend element tussen het Dakpark en Bospolder. Omdat de partijen een meer open structuur willen maken die past bij de stedenbouwkundige opzet van Bospolder, worden de twee bouwkavels verdeeld in vijf bouwblokken. Deze zijn zodanig vormgegeven dat het aan de kant van de wijk aansluit op de 19e-eeuwse, overwegend bakstenen architectuur en richting het Dakpark lichter wordt en de gevelstructuur opent.

Ieder bouwblok heeft een eigen karakter. Het geheel biedt een diversiteit woningtypen gezinsappartementen, middelgrote eengezinswoningen en grote eengezinswoningen aan in verschillende prijssegmenten en met een scala aan opties. Midden in elk bouwblok bevindt zich een binnengebied variërend van een collectieve binnentuin tot aan privétuinen. In combinatie met verschillende openbare ruimten en uitzichten, wordt een leefomgeving gecreëerd die aansluit bij de individuele woonwensen van ieder gezin.

Bospolder heeft de potentie om door te groeien tot een succesvol, rustig stedelijk woonmilieu; een buurt waar kinderen gegarandeerd kunnen buitenspelen en waar de sociale verbinding in de wijk wordt versterkt. Daar dragen ook eerder gerealiseerde projecten aan bij. Bestaande bewoners in de wijk kregen in de Puntstraat een nieuwe woonplek en bij Le Medi werd een heel nieuw woonmilieu geïntroduceerd.

Naar verwachting kunnen geïnteresseerden vanaf september 2018 een woning kopen in ‘The Hudsons’. De prognose is om vervolgens in januari 2019 te starten met de bouw.

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Redevelopment in the center of Eindhoven


CULD is commissioned to make an urban and architectonical plan for the redevelopment of the Location Stratumsedijk 28A in Eindhoven. On the plot are various buildings of different age. The oldest building is a city monument. Other buildings are office buildings from the sixties. The atmosphere of the plot is dominated by the existence of two 100-year-old chestnut trees.

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Redevelopment of the Campus of the university of applied sciences Tilburg has started


After a selection process, CULD has been awarded the job to design a redevelopment master plan for the Stappegoor campus for the combined Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg, and the ROC Tilburg higher education school. The master plan project envisages to introduce a new centrality and sense of place for the area which currently has the character of a highway office park. In the future, a pleasant and student friendly atmosphere should characterize the campus.


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Transformation of an office building into refugee apartments


This week has marked the start of the transformation of Mauritskade 17 in Amsterdam. The housing corporation Ymere, together with Dura Vermeer as a co-maker, is transforming one of its former office locations in the centre of Amsterdam into apartments to house refugees who have received a residence permit. This project addresses two current challenges in urban design and architecture: reviving inner cities by transforming empty buildings into housing and the challenge to provide housing for newly arrived refugees. The project highlights the potential of numerous empty office locations in response to the new housing demand and the potential to revive inner-city areas.

As design partners of Dura Vermeer for this project, CULD has provided the design proposals for the transformation and developed appropriate typologies within the constraints of the existing building and budget. The project has been developed in a fast-track design process, with the ambition to go from initiative to delivery of the dwellings within one year. Construction is estimated to take 4 months.

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CULD Wins 2nd Prize for Kodrina Masterplan, Prishtina, Kosovo

20160219 Kodrina Terraces

CULD, a joint venture of Juurlink [+] Geluk and JvantSpijker wins the 2nd Prize for their proposal of the neighborhood Kodrina in Prishtina in Kosovo. The plan, that was presented last week by Huub Juurlink and Cor Geluk, for approximately 6000 dwellings, supporting commercial program, kindergarten, health care center and cultural center was praised for its clear overall scheme, clever use of heights and proposal for composed building blocks. A little park as a place to be is located in the center of the high density proposal with a sharp contrast between friendly livable streets, pedestrian alleys and high-rise residential towers. The towers placed with a set back towards the streets and alleys deliver excellent views over the area. The international competition had, after a preselection out of 27 offices, a shortlist of 7 offices, that had to make a design for the neighborhood. Other offices who attended the design stage were F&M/Gabriele Pitacco, Italy; Land/BAM, Italy; Miralles Tagliabue, Spain; Tekne Spa/AML, Italy and Studio Libeskind/Melk, USA (1st Prize)

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CULD shortlisted for Kodrina Masterplan Competition


CULD has been shortlisted for the design of the Kodrina Masterplan in Pristina, Kosovo, organized by Tregtia and the Municipality of Pristina. The Kodrina neighborhood of 18,5 HA is part of the bigger development area called Mati 1. The masterplan should provide for high-density residential program, with supporting commercial program, a primary school, kindergarten, health care, cultural center and a public park. The focus of the masterplan design should focus around a new approach to sustainability and functionality on an urban scale, setting the new standard for Kosovarian developments in the future.

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NHTV Project Update: Making of Video, Pt. 2

Our preliminary design from Inbo-Culd for the new campus has been approved by the board of the NHTV-University. In this video you get some info of the design process and design. (In Dutch but with English subtitles.)

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University of Latvia Campus, Riga

Jaunuzceltâ Latvijas Universitâtes Dabaszinâtòu akadçmiskâ centra Toròakalnâ atklâðana.

Jaakko van t Spijker en Huub Juurlink have been appointed by the Latvia University as campus consultants to supervise the current masterplanning process of the University of Latvia Campus in Riga. The consultancy appointment includes responsibility for developing a masterplan concept and the design guidelines to which future developments have to comply.

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CULD in team Inbo wins tender NHTV Campus Breda


Together with Inbo, Deerns, Pieters andDGMR, CULD won the tender for creating a vibrant knowledge and educational campus for NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. With the purchase of a beautiful monastery NHTV has created the opportunity to bring together all 7500 students of the five different academies together in one central location in the center of Breda. This creates support for creating a vibrant cross-cultural campus, which strengthens the NHTV image as a center of excellence in knowledge and higher education nationally and internationally.


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Rotterdam Coolhaven waterfront masterplan back on track


We are back on track working on studies for an updated version of the Rotterdam Coolhaven waterfront masterplan. After having been on ice for some time due to the economic tide, a new version of the master plan is in the making, after the municipality and developing parties ERA contour and JP van Eesteren signed an agreement on June 27th.

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Expert meeting Casablanca




Last week CULD facilitated an expert meeting with professional and cultural exchange between urban professionals from The Netherlands and Morocco in Casablanca. The expert meeting was made possible by a grant of Creative Industries Fund NL.

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CULD visited MENA challenge day




CULD visited the MENA (Middle East and North Afrika) challenge day. This event is organised by Agentschap NL to inform Dutch companies on the (export)possibilities to these up and coming markets.

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Coolhaven status update


Coolhaven executive workshop. Key representatives of the various stakeholders involved in the Coolhaven project outlined development direction of the project together.