Banking in the green

Commercial, Ecological, Landscape, Masterplanning, Public Space, Residential, Moscow

The International Finance Center is tailor-made for the Financial World: the best possible place to work and do business. This is also the first nature oriented IFC in the world: “Banking in the Green”. The complete masterplan for the IFC is based on an optimal relation with the surrounding landscape, it maximizes green surface and minimizes hard surface and it finds many different ways of enjoying the water.

The unique green character and high ecological value of the masterplan will provide excellent branding opportunities.


    • Flexible grid layout for easy phasing and natural growth
    • Various residential neighborhoods
    • Top public spaces with trees, parks and roof-scapes
    • Architecture balancing high-density buildings on a human scale
    • Mixed mode transportation layout


    • Program: office 1.9M m², hotels 156.000 m², residential 1.8M m², retail and leisure 145.000 m², social infrastructures 161.000 m², cultural facilities 31.000 m², area: 460ha
    • Designers: Cor Geluk, Simone de Bergh, Angel Cerezo Cerezo
    • In collaboration with: Reserve, Maxwan, Arup, Pegasus, GWA Sawyer
    • Client: Sberbank
    • Awards: One of 3 finalists


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