How We Work

CULD (Complex Urban Landscape Design) is a design studio for Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture. With our interdisciplinary approach, we’re able to establish simple and clear solutions for the complex environment in which we live.  Architecture and urbanism are done for the well-being of people; therefore, it is our mission to create designs and urban ensembles with friendly and familiar atmospheres, that are rich in experience right from the start.

Although our involvement as designers is temporary, the value we create in our projects is permanent. Embedded in each of our concepts is a “flywheel” principle that ignites and sparks off further developments, ensuring that projects have the momentum to keep going, even after we have left.  In an ever-changing context, designs also need to have intrinsic value to survive. By making very clear choices in our concepts, based on new ideas and the embedding of specific social, cultural, and environmental contextualities, our designs have the intrinsic qualities that will be long-lasting and embraced by its users.

It is our experience that design with a strong sense of place often leads to the creation of a dynamic place to be.

Our Approach


Integrated Sustainability Goes Further

Sustainability is a process of forward thinking. For CULD, sustainable development is also closely associated with a future-oriented, attractive living environment, from both a societal and environmental perspective. In other words: is it viable on an ecological AND human scale?

Plans by CULD are therefore not generic, but tailor made. We not only integrate all of the state of the art sustainable principles like water management, energy saving principles, durability of materials, ecologic values, etc., in our designs, but we do so with both the environment and the local inhabitants in mind.

The result is sustainability combined with existing and developing lifestyles and local values.


The Best Expertise For the Project

By way of carefully designed, custom-made solutions, the CULD method solves the problems related to the normal design and development process. CULD incorporates all aspects of the process at the earliest possible stages of development, merging required expertise without losing the creative elements in the process. For each project, a design team will be complemented with the best specialists and expertise available. We collaborate with the best engineers for traffic, ecology, sustainability, building costs, structural engineering, and more.

The CULD method delivers expert integrated design and process management.


Parallel Integrated Process

In a progressively globalizing world, projects become bigger, time schedules get tighter, data more important, and processes get increasingly complicated. These tendencies put enormous pressure on the design of complex urban landscapes and the process of (re)development. This process is often unnecessarily complicated, chronologically fragmented, time-consuming, and therefore too expensive, damaging the overall quality of the final result. These issues call for a new and integrative approach to the design process.

Therefore, rather than strictly working chronologically, we organize our processes in a parallel integrated approach. This proactive approach ensures that from the beginning, we integrate all of the various aspects required for the design. The result is quicker processes, a higher quality of design, improved cost control, better oversight throughout the project, and the ability for the client to make better choices.