Food Innovation Strip

Branding, Masterplanning, Public Space, Ede-Wageningen

The Food Innovation Strip Ede-Wageningen is the Agri-food knowledge centre of the FoodValley Region, where innovation and knowledge exchange is paramount. Municipalities, companies and institutes work together towards improved, more sustainable and safer food production. For this concept, CULD has carried out a study on how to physically embed this concept. Concept proposals were developed for various scales of the strip, ranging from new cross-section design to a series of thematically linked landmarks. All concepts share a general idea of identity, place-making and way-finding with the aim to create the physical experience of connection and identification for visitors and users alike.


    • ¬†Connectivity across a very large area
    • Environment of innovation and knowledge exchange
    • Connecting renowned institutes and university
    • Anchoring of road section in landscape
    • Accommodating various public programs in gardens and landmarks


      • Length: circa 8 kilometer
      • Program: various
      • Process: Tender, first prize, study proposals, two stages
      • Status: Settled
      • Design: CULD
      • Client: Municipalities of Ede and Wageningen, province of Gelderland

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