A private oasis in the desert

Architecture, Ecological, Housing, Leisure, Resort, UAE

The client commissioned a resort in which the natural qualities of the desert come to full fruition for visitors to relax in the natural calmness of the desert. A natural pond and a small incline on a hill mark the terrain. The resort quality will be to provide individual resort holiday apartments with an individual recessed garden oasis. These gardens will provide maximum privacy due to the sunken quality. On the other side each apartment will have maximum views over the desert horizon. A main building at the resort entrance will provide all possible required facilities. The entire resort can be set up in very sustainable manner, combining materials, energy and water resource strategies to achieve an integrated sustainable development.


  • Excellent view of the desert combined with privacy in oases
  • Wind ergonomic design creating iconic shaped roofs
  • Enhancing existing green and geographical qualities
  • Integrated concept of landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture and sustainability
  • Energy neutral, powered by windmill


  • Site: 220 ha (2.200.000 m2)
  • Program: 30 villaís and park
  • Process: Master plan commission, 2008
  • Status: Settled
  • Partners: AECOM international, Arup Gulf
  • Design: CULD


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